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mental health advocate jawn

mental health advocate jawn

BrownGirls can preserve their BlackGirlMagic by practicing self care daily!

Rayna Smaller, MSW aka The Mental Health Advocate Jawn is the founder of BrownGirl SPACE. BrownGirl SPACE was birthed from a traumatic experience leading to depression and self deprecation but was cultivated into a movement of self-love, self worth, and a sense of self. Rayna transformed a painful experience into fulfilling her purpose to serve a cause greater than she by shedding light and giving hope to BrownGirls just like her. 

Rayna obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rosemont College and continued her educational journey at Temple University , there she obtained a Master’s in Social Work. The Mental Health Advocate Jawn has experience working in settings with women and children, survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, drug and alcohol recovery, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and HIV medical case management. Rayna currently works for a non-profit who services families impacted by sexual violence. 


Rayna is a native Philadelphian whose interests include; reading books and joining book clubs, giving back to the community, a good sale at Marshalls, a Chat n’ Chew and a good drink or two. 

BrownGirl SPACE advocates for BrownGirls seeking a safe space to encourage healing by promoting and providing accurate information regarding mental health awareness. In an effort to empower BrownGirls to understand their own mental health diagnosis, personal mental health needs and experiences, while feeling confident in practicing self-care without feeling selfish, insecure or alone. 

BrownGirl SPACE serves as the pathway leading to freedom to show up as your authentic, unapologetic self by being transparent, processing raw emotions and comradery and visibility with other BrownGirls in a judgment free space. 

When you prioritize your mental health and self-care you are performing a radical act of self-preservation, which is essential to your health and well-being. Providing a platform for BrownGirls to be visible and vulnerable combats the stigma associated with mental health.



In 2016, Rayna birthed BrownGirl SPACE. Since then, BrownGirl SPACE has successfully hosted 3 annual “Goal Digger” Vision Board brunches allowing black women to gather in a safe space by sharing the significance of goal setting as a tool to fulfilling one’s purpose. In addition, The Mental Health Advocate Jawn has facilitated intimate conversations highlighting BrownGirls who survived sexual abuse and assault and intimate partner violence. BrownGirl SPACE LLC also participated and partnered in 2 back to school giveaways and sponsored selected youth in providing them with uniforms, foot wear and hairstyle of choice for their back to school look.

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